Ackerman Cancer Center’s newly expanded, comprehensive Breast Care Program offers women in Northeast Florida access to a full range of breast cancer services in two convenient locations.

Gaelyn Scuderi, M.D. and the Women’s Imaging team are proud to offer patients access to screening and diagnostic digital mammography, breast ultrasound and ultrasound-guided breast biopsy services. Patients diagnosed with breast cancer benefit from access to a number of the most effective, evidence-based radiation therapies available, including proton therapy. All services are performed onsite at the Mandarin and Amelia Island offices.

The goal of the Breast Care Program is to achieve early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. “This disease is so common –statistically 1 in 8 women will be affected – and it can be curable if identified early,” explains Dr. Scuderi. “We hope to contribute to the healthy survivorship of women affected by breast cancer by fostering a close, lifelong relationship between our breast imaging team and our survivors.”

As a diagnostic radiologist and leader of the Breast Care Program, Dr. Scuderi interprets imaging exams such as x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans and MRIs. Her subspecialty training in breast imaging means Dr. Scuderi is uniquely qualified to interpret mammograms, breast ultrasound and breast MRI exams. Additionally, she is skilled in performing image-guided breast biopsy procedures.

The commitment to direct patient care at Ackerman Cancer Center is unwavering, and Dr. Scuderi personally reviews results of diagnostic breast imaging exams or biopsies with patients to reduce anxiety and enhance understanding of results. Rapid turnaround is a priority so diagnostic breast imaging results are discussed with patients at the end of the appointment and ultrasound-guided breast biopsies are often performed the same day.

“We take the greatest pride in making the biopsy process as painless as possible, with most patients reporting little to no pain during or after breast biopsy,” says Dr. Scuderi. “We enthusiastically advocate for our patients’ breast health by providing navigational assistance with exam scheduling, communication of results, and help with referrals.”

Establishing a relationship with a quality breast care center promotes breast health, helps to identify any concerning early stage changes, and ensures access to the latest breast cancer treatment options. If you have questions about breast cancer screening and treatment, or would like to schedule a breast care service, contact Ackerman Cancer Center at 904-880-5522.