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Proton Therapy Study Shows Improved Quality of Life Compared to Other Treatments

Important research is underway in the world of radiation therapy. A recent study reveals promising statistics that give patients hope for improved quality of life during and after treatment. Plus, Ackerman Cancer Center is contributing to additional research in a multi-institutional clinical trial that could be the next big leap in cutting edge prostate cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer Treatment and Heart Disease

As we come to the end of heart health month, Dr. Jyoti discusses the benefits of using proton therapy to treat breast cancer because of its ability to precisely target the tumor site with virtually no radiation affecting the heart and lungs.

AccuBoost and Proton Therapy: Preventing Lung Cancer in Breast Cancer Patients


For women who are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, preventing recurrence and the spread of disease are top priorities. New research is showing, for a specific group of patients, that traditional radiation therapy raises the risk for secondary cancers to develop.

Fewer Side Effects for Cancer Patients Treated with Proton Therapy

In a new study, researchers compared the use of proton therapy and conventional radiation therapy when treating cancer. The results showed that proton therapy had fewer and less severe side effects than conventional radiation therapy.

Proton Therapy in Prostate Cancer Compared to Conventional Photon (x-ray) Therapy – The COMPPARE study

Radiation therapy offers promising results for prostate cancer. Now, there is a large multi-institutional clinical trial comparing traditional radiation therapy and proton beam therapy. Click to read more about the COMPPARE Study.

A Scientific Look at Cannabis and CBD Oil

Our doctors are frequently asked about the use of cannabis and CBD oil for cancer patients. Dr. Perkins dives into the science behind THC and CBD as well as the benefits and risks.

Reducing Risk of Heart Disease during Breast Cancer Treatment with Proton Therapy

A recent statement from the American Heart Association warned that some breast cancer treatments can cause heart disease. This news understandably triggered many questions and concerns for breast cancer survivors. Fortunately, there are treatment options available, such as proton therapy, that will protect your heart and other critical organs from damage during breast cancer treatment.

What are the benefits of proton therapy for head and neck cancers?

Proton therapy is a highly targeted form of radiation therapy that uses protons instead of photons to target the tumor site. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recently updated their guidelines to include proton therapy as an appropriate treatment option for oral, head and neck cancers – in particular, those near the obit of the eye and the base of the skull.

Proton Therapy for Diverse Tumor Sites

The use of proton beam therapy is expanding to include a diverse range of tumor sites, thanks to emerging research revealing the effectiveness of this advanced radiation treatment modality. Originally used in the treatment of prostate, brain, and pediatric tumors, we are seeing more and more types of tumors being treated with proton therapy. This is due to its ability to precisely deliver large amounts of cancer-fighting radiation directly to tumor sites while producing minimal side effects and reducing exposure to surrounding organs.

Reflections on “Decreased Incidence of Hypothyroidism with Proton Therapy”

By: Scot Ackerman, M.D. — In the June 2016 issue of Neuro-Oncology, researchers from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston reported findings that craniospinal irradiation with proton therapy led to a decreased incidence of hypothyroidism in the long-term. (Click photo to learn more.)