Article & Blog Archive for September 2020

Pears and Your Health- A Perfect Pairing

vegetable salad with cheese, walnut and pear - autumnal salad

Pears are a versatile fruit that pairs well with sweet or savory dishes. Karen covers how to pick the perfect pear, how they benefit your health, and some storage tips to keep your fruit fresh.

Modifications, Adaptations and Variations in Breast Cancer Radiation Treatments – one size certainly does not fit all

Dr. Jyoti, as well as all of our other providers at Ackerman Cancer Center, believe in individualized treatment plans. In this article, she explains new research on shorter courses of radiation treatment versus longer courses of treatment, and why there can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Getting Started with Sourdough

Sourdough has lots of health benefits, especially if you are trying to control your glucose levels or improve your gut health. To maximize those benefits, it’s best to make your own bread using a sourdough starter. Karen has some wonderful resources on how to get our own bread starter going, and why sourdough can be a healthy bread option.

Okra’s Nutritional Benefits

Okra is a popular vegetable in the Southern United States. It originated in Ethiopia and quickly spread to the world. Although okra may have a reputation for having an unappealing texture, it is crunchy and delicious when cooked correctly. Okra’s mild flavor makes it a versatile, healthy addition to recipes such as salads, soups, and

Fasting Mimicking Diet- Possible Benefits for Breast Cancer Patients

Fasting diets have become trendy because of the wide variety of health benefits they tout. New research has emerged that a specific type of fasting-style diet, the Fasting-Mimicking Diet, could prove very beneficial to breast cancer patients on chemotherapy. Karen explains a little more about the diet and lays out the risks and benefits. She also includes a very yummy quinoa soup recipe that would follow the diet recommendations.

The basics of Sunflower Seeds and Sunflower Oils

Sunflowers have many health benefits and are credited to balancing your Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio. Karen explains why that ratio is important in this blog as well as gives you a fantastic salad recipe.