Article & Blog Archive for June 2020

Focus on Breast Health: Breast Biopsies

Learning you need additional imaging after a routine screening mammogram can be stressful. Finding out you need a biopsy can really get your mind racing. In this blog, Dr. Scuderi walks you through the biopsy process to ease concerns, and hopefully help you feel prepared to take this next step in breast care.

The Science Behind the Health Benefits of Garlic

Originating in Central Asia, garlic is a member of the onion family and is a vital ingredient in cuisines all around the world. Garlic is both a culinary and a medicinal plant. When garlic is minced, crushed, or chewed, it creates a compound called allicin that enhances its antioxidant and medicinal properties. There are many

A Burning Topic: A Nutritionist’s Perspective on Food Preparation Methods

Man has been grilling, smoking, and even frying foods since the discovery of fire. Steaks and burgers with perfect grill marks paired beautifully with french fries is iconic, and we admit it tastes great. But those cooking methods come with risks, Karen has some food for thought as we head into this summer grilling season.

Have You Talked About Herbs and Supplements With Your Oncologist?

Herbs and supplements can significantly enhance or derail your cancer treatment. An in-depth conversation with a well-versed physician about the supplements you’re taking can make a big difference in how you feel and your overall outcome. Our guest blogger, Dr. Todd Robinson is a friend of Ackerman Cancer Center and a trusted resource for our patients. He lays out the importance of herbs and supplements during cancer treatment.