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September is National Fruits and Vegetables Month

September is fruits and vegetables month

The Produce for Better Health Foundation has designated September as National Fruits and Vegetables Month to encourage consumers to eat more fruits and vegetables every day for improved public health. A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of many leading causes of illness and death, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and obesity.

AccuBoost and Proton Therapy: Preventing Lung Cancer in Breast Cancer Patients


For women who are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, preventing recurrence and the spread of disease are top priorities. New research is showing, for a specific group of patients, that traditional radiation therapy raises the risk for secondary cancers to develop.

Aspirin Use May Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer

Aspirin Use May Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer

Aspirin has different health benefits, especially in the prevention of certain types of cancer. The US Preventive Services Task Force has recommended aspirin use to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer, with patients ages 50 to 59 seeing the most benefit from using aspirin.

Cancer Screening – Who Benefits?

Cancer Screening - Who Benefits?

Early cancer detection is critical in cancer treatment and survival. In fact, a recent study published in The Lancet reported that using Low Dose CT scans improved survival outcomes for lung cancer patients. Dr. Jyoti further discusses the importance of cancer screenings and the results of the study.